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Fri, Sat & Sun Nov 26th, 27th, & 28th, 2021

Summer Wolfcon Puzzle hunt 2017 - Secret Society of the X
**Note: This puzzle is a reprint from Wolfcon 10 in 2014

A secret society was founded many decades past. Through the years, whenever someone new joined their ranks, they were announced in coded messages in the form of puzzles placed in public forums. In this way, existing members could learn of new members, while the rest of the world remained ignorant.

It is now known, that a master puzzle exists that reveals the identity of the original founder. To solve it, requires solving ten puzzles that each reveal the name of one of ten key members within the society. These ten puzzles can be found hidden in plain site throughout Wolfcon. A copy of the master puzzle itself is available for the asking at the registration desk.

The First Puzzle

The first of the key puzzles is listed below. Each person who correctly guesses the identity of the secret society member indicated in this puzzle, will be entered in a drawing for a 3 day badge to attend Summer Wolfcon 2017. While only one badge will be awarded, collaboration with friends is encouraged. The drawing will take place on June 23rd, and the winner will be announced on this page on that date. You may send your answer to the first puzzle to

Puzzle #1 : 13 Riddles

The first puzzle is a series of riddles, and the numbers 2511221331611

We stand in formation
The cannon ball flies
If any are spared
then everyone dies

A man within a wooden box
reclining near a pile of rocks
pours water on the rocks and yet
the rocks are dry the man is wet

Mixed up people working to a common goal
Scrambled to find the second of a pair
Regrouped break the will of wild horses
Ordered properly steaks well done or rare

Two warriors are to be selected from a war party.
There is a 50% chance that they both will have long swords.
How many warriors in the war party have long swords?

A Game is afoot, and youll find it when
You take the time to consider these men
Theyve something in common, but thats not the end
You must line up the names theyd be called by a friend

Mr. Beecher
Mr. Poirot
Mr. Ness
Mr. Spade
Mr. Holmes

I am a chance for a sale
The first in a race
A heavy metal player with a poisonous trace
A clue to a murder
A difference in scores
The process of guiding and bringing a horse
To aim just ahead
Top dog in a team
The male in a pair dancing ballroom or swing
The first card to be played
Wire set for conduction
The principle role in a dramatic production
A news storys start
A base runners cheat
All of these I, and I all of these

Come looking for me, I am easy to find
with polygeminus grex, in paradise, or in mind
Many say they dont want any of me
I am what nobody knows you have seen

Sometimes I am wild
Sometimes I am educated
Sometimes I follow a riddle
When you see "A young man who argues solely with fools."
I will always be right in the middle

I was fighting with a rapier
Now I am selling what I stole
Look for me around a pen
Restriction is my goal

My daughter has many sisters, as many sisters as she has brothers,
but each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers.
So answer me this, how many sons do I have?

Anyone can catch me
but none hold me for long
I am visible in the freezing cold
and hidden when it is warm

I start with 504 in Rome
My end equals m times c squared
Sometimes a fighter will take me to fix
a thing that does not need repair

Never in Wallets always in purses
Used equally often in praise and in curses
The end of the doctor, begins the registered nurse
and everyone needs one for better or worse

What is the name of the secret society member indicated by the riddles, and numbers given above?